How To Steer 2016 In Your Desired Direction

Just as you can choose to remember the good times of 2015 (or the not so good times), you can choose to steer your life in your desired direction (or not) in 2016. The choice is yours. 

For me, I look back on 2015 and am grateful for a great year. I choose to see all the awesome things that went right for me.  I chose to put my family and “me” time ahead of working commitments, I made some great head way in my Kinesiology business and I published my first book, ‘Empowered Happiness‘.

So on that note, here are my top 10 tips to help you steer 2016 in your desired direction:

1. Decide what is most important in your life and carve out ample time for that

If you have children or a partner, make a conscious effort to spend more time together having fun. Go for a bike ride or head down to the beach for some inexpensive entertainment and laughter. Leave the technology at home. If it’s another goal you’re working towards, block out dedicated time to work towards that each week and commit to those time blocks.

2. Start a “Joy Jar”

Every time something happens in your life that makes you giggle with pure joy or that’s a step forward in your desired direction, write it down and put it in the jar. At the end of the year, have a read of all the wonderful things that have happened to you throughout the year. This is a great way to change the way you look at your life as you start to recognise all the wondering things there are to be grateful for. All you need is an old coffee jar (I use a Moccona Jar which I decorated) and some coloured pieces of paper.

3. Join the craze and pick up a colouring book and good quality pencils

They are absolutely everywhere these day. Try not to pick one that’s too complicated as a lot of books out they are very detailed. Pick one that’s pleasing to the eye so you can really relax when you colour in. Use this time to relax the mind, or focus on what you are grateful for or even as how you’re tracking towards your desired direction. Identify any road blacks and how you can remove these, and also acknowledge what you’re doing well.

4. Put yourself first

Start listening to your body. Learn when your body is telling you it is tired and needs to rest or sleep. Or when it’s hungry, tune into see what it really wants you to eat.

5. Learn to say “No”

In today’s society there is so much going on.  You don’t always have to say yes to every event or every “favour” someone asks of you.  Being there for everyone else can be draining and impact on your health. Learn what your limits are and listen to your inner guidance.  Sometimes it is in your best interest to just say “No”.

6. Conquer a fear that’s holding you back

Most of us have something that is holding us back from really moving forward in life. Identify what this is for you, and create a plan to conquer it. If you can conquer just one irrational fear, you’ll see what it’s like for the endorphins to kick in. It’s an awesome feeling and can propel you to move forward to the life you really want.

7. Mark something off your “Bucket List”

What’s something you’ve always wanted to do? You know, like travelling somewhere, learning to scuba dive or giving bungee jumping a go? Maybe it’s a little less dare devilish such as experiencing a hot rock massage or doing a belly dancing class. Whatever it is, do it! Life is too short to procrastinate and feeling that sense of accomplishment at the encourage confidence, gratitude, happiness and positivity – all necessary feelings and attitudes to help you move in your desired direction.

8. Embrace change – create a plan and do it!

Think about what is not working in your life or what needs to change for you to arrive at your desired ‘destination’. Many of us have dreams of doing something different, whether it’s changing the way we eat, where we work or who we are. Sit down and make a list of exactly how you can make that change. Put deadlines against each action and share it with someone who can keep you accountable. Then start taking the steps towards making it happen, checking in with your buddy regularly.

9. Find something to laugh at every day

This is your life and you only get to live each day one, so enjoy each day ‘along the way’. Having a laugh (or simply doing things like spending quality time with loved ones, exercising and meditating) can help you do that. Finding something to laugh at is not hard to do. Just google “Funny things”! There are thousands of images and videos you can watch that can make you laugh. Or you can learn to laugh at yourself. One of the biggest things we can learn is to not be so hard on ourselves and instead recognise that we can make mistakes and some of them a just plain funny!

10. Perform some random acts of kindness – often

Be the change you wish to see in the world. Lead by example and create a ripple effect. What ever it is you’re trying to achieve, think about how you can help others achieve that and then help them. What goes around comes around. For example, if you want to love in a more caring and connected environment, you could do something as simple as opening a door for someone, or you could do something more extravagant like sending someone a card or bunch of flowers. And remember, if you are the recipient of a random act of kindness, say “thank you” and be grateful.

How To Steer 2016 In Your Desired Direction

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 There you have it – my top 10 tips to steer 2016 in your desired direction. If really want to solidify your desired direction and be accountable, why not share your direction and plans below :-)

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