Chic (& Affordable) Activewear To Help You Slay Your Workout

If your well-meaning, wellbeing goals have been slowly dwindling and what was a 5 times per week gym plan, has dropped off to 3 at best, then it’s time to get that momentum back with a brand new outfit. Because there’s nothing like sporting some new chic & affordable activewear to get you motivated and moving!

We’ve got you sorted with our chic, affordable activewear sets – check them out below.

PLUS one lucky reader has the chance to WIN an activewear set of your choice from Showpo. For your chance to win, simply comment below with your current fitness goal & why it’s important to you. Entering is as simple as that! Click here for full details.


What did we wear before these babies became mainstream? Trackies and bike shorts? EEK! A well-fitted pair of tights will assist in a higher performance as they become almost a ‘second skin’ so you can easily move. If this doesn’t make sense, just try and imagine working out in jeans…

‘The Limit Tights’ (featured below) are a new design from Showpo and are made in a thicker fabric than your standard tights, which means they’re a) not sheer, and b) really good at sucking you in! Don’t worry though, they’re still breathable so you won’t be swimming in a pool of your own sweat.

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affordable activewear tights blush
boho activewear tights grey marle
chic activewear tights white
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No matter your age or how small and how perky your breast are, giving them a decent dost of support is uber important. A good sports bra should be really firm (without cutting off your circulation), comfortable and supportive. To test its effectiveness, try jumping up and down in one; if you have smaller boobs, you should have minimal movement; and for my larger breasted pals, anything more that one ‘bounce’ means it’s not supportive enough.

We have a fun array of sports bras depending on your required support. You can even match it to your tights #cute!

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buy sports bra online affordable
grey crop top buy showpo
sports bra black buy online

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Now unless you’re one of those wonderfully confident gals who are happy to walk around with their tummy showing, you probs are going to want to pop on a top over your sports bra. And that’s ok!

Showpo has  a slew of options depending on your personal preference, whether it’s a fitted crop, stylish tee or something oversized and comfy, we’ve got you covered (literally and figuratively haha).

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boho chic activewear free top
affordable fashion buy online red shirt
affordable boho chic tshirt


Make sure you get fitted – you’ll notice a DRASTIC difference in your performance! Personally, I’m a huge fan of Nike and Asics, but it’s best to head to the shops, try and few brands & styles on and then determine the best option for you. Tip: Head to the shops to do your try-before-you-buy work, but then purchase your runners online, where  there’s almost always a savings to be had. Try ebay or Google the shoe you want + the word ‘discount’ or ‘sale’, and see what comes up (just make sure you’re not getting fakes!).

Now pop on your headphones, stream some tunes (check out the slew of workout playlist options on Spotify) and get pumpin’!

Don’t forget – You have the chance to win an activewear set of your choice from Showpo. Simply comment below what your current fitness goal is & why it’s important to you. For full details see here

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“Chic (& Affordable) Activewear To Help You Slay Your Workout”
  • My current fitness goal is to move every day and to build strength. More than anything it’s to have presence while I move my body & get into my body every day. It’s important to me because I know things tend to head south with my mental health pretty quickly if I don’t. It’s important for me to be as mentally strong as I can be for myself, my friends & family & the community of people I surround myself with.

  • I want to feel stronger and more confident after my bub. Don’t get me wrong, I love what my body has done but at the moment I don’t love my body and this year I’m getting that back for me! This workout gear is going to be a bit of reward fir starting the journey!

  • After losing 35kg in a year due to a medical condition, I need to lose my soggy bits and gain some muscle. I’ve never been to a gym in my life but this year that may change :)

  • After joining a gym two years ago I am happy to say I have reached my goal weight. I now need to maintain this weight and tone up. :)

  • I want to be an inspiration to my family especially my boys. I want to be part of the ‘strong is the new sexy’ empire.

  • To lose my baby weight after giving birth to twins last September. Being back to my normal weight again will make me feel a lot more confident and comfortable with my body with my hubby and at the beach.

  • After going through rehabilitation after a car crash at the start of last year, my body is stronger now to push on so I’m looking to carry out further exercise to strengthen my core.

  • After a foot injury I am ready to get back into my running and have even started going to the gym and going yoga with the goal to complete the City to Surf with my daughter! Its important for me to be fit and healthy as I have two daughter (13 and 9) and want to set a good example for them so they realize just how fun being healthy can be :)

  • Went from working out regularly to working as a receptionist and sitting down for an actual eternity. My goal is to make my sad looking bum happy and end my procrastination period.

  • My fitness goal is to get and exercise no matter what. It’s too easy to get lazy and turn off that alarm, well 2018 that isn’t happening. I’m exercing 6 days a week. Why, because it makes me feel amazing.

  • My fitness goal is to make it to my barre classes more often. I love them but I find it hard to prioritise the time which is unfortunate as I find exercise brilliant for stress relief.

  • My fitness goal is to wake up with activewear ready next to my bed and joggers at the door for a 15 minute morning walk everyday. Consistency is key!

  • My fitness goal this year is to repair my body after having a baby a few months ago. It took me a long time after my first baby so I want to start sooner than later so I can get fit and enjoy my babies

  • Grab stick, shin guards, hockey one, hockey two season has arrived….Super exhilarating with loads of team spirited fun, thrilled to play for social fitness.

  • Lower body fat, Become stronger, Tone my body & build muscle! It is important because I want to see changes and improve my fitness level for the life long benefits!

  • I don’t care about the amount of kgs, I just want to lose some of my belly fat so I can stop looking permanently pregnant,

  • everyday since January one
    I have been up with the sun
    run, walk, or go to the gym
    mixing it up with kayaking, golf or a swim
    fitness goal in 2018
    to be the fittest and healthiest I’ve ever been

  • working out and eating right
    makes for a body that’s out of sight
    working out with my wife
    winning this will give me the best life
    we motivate each other everyday
    with exercise, healthy food and outdoor play

  • As a mum with two autistic daughters, my personal wellbeing can provide more positive outcomes around my family and friends. It’s also a great example to be a role model for my family too. More than just exercise and weight management.

  • My Ultimate Goal is to be at Peace

    It’s not about being able to run 10km straight
    It’s not about looking sexy in a revealing outfit
    It’s not about having abs (even though that’d be nice, lets be honest :3 )

    It’s about finding connection and movement in my body, and to build strength and flexibility and harmony inside and out. To be confident in who I am and how I perceive the world through my being; that is my fitness aspiration ❤

  • My fitness goal is simple, to prioritise wellness instead of weight loss. If my goal is one of holistic health and not external focus – that’s the key.

  • I know its not all about “the outfit”. We all have budgets and priorities argh! However I have noticed when I exercise in well fitting well made fitness pieces, all of a sudden I feel more motivated and better about myself. Its that old thing my dad used to tell me, dress for the job you want. I now have the job I want and I know when I dress thoughtfully and feel good in my skin, my day just flows better. When the fitness outfit is also affordable as well as being amazing….WIN WIN!
    My fitness goals are to be kind and listen to my body. Do what it needs rather than what my ego thinks I should be doing. Its easy to push to far and go beyond whats good, so I am learning to slow down to speed up

  • My current fitness goal is to get strong enough to do my job without pain or crazy fatigue, and by putting others first and putting myself last that is where I end up.

    It’s important to me because not only is practicing what I preach (working as a strength coach, athlete manager and pilates instructor) is important but so that I can be mybest self.

  • My current fitness goal is to be functionaly fit. I want to be able to walk and jump and climb. This is important to me so that I can feel my best out in nature

  • I will engage in more resistance training to reduce my risk of osteoporosis. I also hope to inspire my mum to get more active to help her get healthier and happier.

  • My current fitness goal is to become the best possible fighter I can be, to be faster, stronger, powerful, technical and get back in to the ring and win my next fight .

  • I’m aiming to add strength and diversity to my workouts. I’m adding in some resistance-band workouts and weighted hula-hooping in addition to my weekly runs, specifically aiming to strengthen my shoulders, arms and core while having fun!

  • This year my focus is health! Learning about it by studying and DOING/ LIVING it!!
    Massive goal to lose 30 kg!!
    Clean eating and exercise

  • During my pregnancy I gained 20kg and after I gave birth I lost weight by being active and looking after a newborn but then I got complacent and now I’m easily turning to quick sugary treats to keep up with my baby then hit a low later on with no energy and then i can’t be bothered going for that walk or playing outside but this year I am turning it around and looking after myself so in return I can look after my baby and let her grow up with a healthy positive mum who is happy to play and go for walks :-)

  • Getting married in about 6 months… needing help to continue rehabilitation after a severe burn out which left me totally unable to move for a few weeks. Recuperating from this was difficult especially since work ended at that moment. winning fantastic active wear would definitely make me better like I’m supported (no pun intended) :)

  • This wonderful year with all kids in full time school my fitness goal is to get my tummy back. I’ve read dozens of pages on how to exercise to repair tummy muscles. They state it can be done without surgery so I’m going to do my best to avoid surgery and give it my all. With my new casual outdoor job I’m going to need all the core strength I can build.

  • Giving up smoking! My health is my top propriety for 2018, I want to make sure I’m around for as long as possible in this wonderful world.

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