14 Spiritual Instagram Accounts Guaranteed To Feed Your Soul

If you want to inspire, entertain and educate your soul through beautiful photos and meaningful words, then following these 14 spiritual Instagram accounts is a must. After months of scrolling we’ve carefully hand-picked our favourite Instagram accounts and collated them here for you. To get the most out of this list be sure to follow the accounts that resonate with you. And if you’re looking for extra soul food, don’t miss Mastering The

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The Secret To Loving Your Body (+ How To Do It)

Self-care has been the secret tool that helped on my journey to true body-love, appreciation and acceptance; and I know it can do the same for you. 

The Best Essential Oils For Meditation

Fragrances have been an important part of rituals and meditation for thousands of years in almost every culture around the world, and the many different scents were believed to elevate users to different states of consciousness and relaxation.

A Complete Guide To Shamanism & Shamanic Healing

As a Shamanic Healing Practitioner, naturally I get asked various questions about shamanism. So here, I’ve collated all the questions I’ve been asked, and taken the time to carefully answer each one. 

10 Best Self-Care Tips For Mums

We all know about the importance of self-care for mothers, but when you’re sleep deprived and spend your whole day chasing after your precious ones, self-care can begin to feel like the impossible – right?

How To Tell If You’re Yin Or Yang (+ 3 Ways To Restore Balance)

Once we understand the Yin and Yang elements and which one we predominately are, we can begin to restore balance. 

PODCAST | How To Meditate (Successfully)

This podcast with meditation teacher Sharee James is an absolute must-listen if you’re not really sure how to meditate, or you’re struggling with getting started and finding a technique that’s right for you.

8 Inspiring Quotes For Anyone Who Wants To Be Happy

I love the way certain inspirational quotes resonate with you and can invoke an emotion or feeling. 

5 Reasons You Need A Life Coach (+ How To Find One)

It seems like everyone is becoming a life coach these days. Why is that? Is that because we are all struggling in our lives all of a sudden? No! I believe it’s because we are all doing AMAZING at life at the moment. Co-creation and collaboration is the reason why. You see, there are 5 reasons why you need a life coach if you want to live a totally fulfilling

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How To Overcome Perfectionism

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to perform well, and shooting for perfection is a good way to stay motivated and achieve well in study, work and life. That being said, perfectionism can be a dangerous thing that actually works against your self-care practices.