Coconut Bark with Rosewater, Pistachios and Raspberries

This coconut bark recipe is from Lee Holmes Supercharged Food cookbook, ‘Eat Right For Your Shape’. The book contains deliciously healthy Ayurvedic recipes for a brand new you.

Easy Lemon Sorbet

Sorbet is one on my favourite summertime treats. While lemon sorbet cleanses the palate and aids digestion, the humble lemon is also packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It can help to repair the skin, assist to balance the body’s pH levels and act as an appetite suppressant.

4 Naturopath-approved Recipes for Christmas Lunch

If you’re playing host for Christmas lunch, then may this recipe collection be the only guide you need in the kitchen… And may your day filled with peace, love and joy.

The Best Ceviche Recipe

As we welcome the warmer weather, you might be looking for light, fresh and healthy recipes. Fish Ceviche is one of my go-to meals when I’m looking to forgo the stodgy meals that seem to accompany Winter. Packed full of protein, low in calories and low in GI, this recipe is extremely easy to make, and super tasty. You can mix up the spices and change the flavour profile, whether you are feeling Mexican,

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Healthy Coconut & Oat Cookies

If you’ve been finding yourself heading to the biscuit jar at 3pm as of late, you may want to consider making these healthy coconut cookies on standby for your afternoon treat instead… Enjoy!

3 Exquisite Breakfast Chia Pudding Recipes

If you’ve ever wished that you could have dessert for breakfast, (without the negative health consequences, of course) your dream is about to come true.

Dark Chocolate & Macadamia Fondue

If you’re a fan of dark chocolate macadamia nuts or dark chocolate macadamia cookies, then this fondue will knock your socks off. And, if it’s just an easy dark chocolate fondue recipe that you’re after, then look no further – this is for you too.

Mood Boosting Broccoli Salad

This mood boosting broccoli salad is the perfect healthy side dish to uplift your mood and nourish your body.

Raw Vegan Apple Pie with Goji Berries and Nutmeg

This healthy apple pie recipe is perfect for any time of the day, and it won’t leave you feeling heavy or sluggish. So go on, enjoy!

Broccoli and Coconut Soup

This ridiculously delicious broccoli soup with coconut milk, is guaranteed to nourish your body and soul.