Breakfast Recipes

The Ultimate Gluten-Free Pancake Recipe + 5 Delicious Variations

Who doesn’t love a stack of golden pancakes on a Sunday morning?

Easy Green Goddess Smoothie

Healthy green smoothie recipes that aren’t loaded with sugar and still taste delicious are few and far between. 

Oven-baked Peach and Berry Pancakes

This oven-baked pancakes recipe is from Lee Holmes Supercharged Food cookbook, ‘Eat Right For Your Shape’. The book contains deliciously healthy Ayurvedic recipes for a brand new you.

3 Exquisite Breakfast Chia Pudding Recipes

If you’ve ever wished that you could have dessert for breakfast, (without the negative health consequences, of course) your dream is about to come true.

Raw Apple Pie with Goji Berries and Nutmeg

This healthy apple pie recipe is perfect for any time of the day, and it won’t leave you feeling heavy or sluggish. So go on, enjoy! INGREDIENTS: 3 sweet apples finely sliced (I use a mandolin but you can finely slice with a knife) 1 cup of soft dates 1 orange roughly chopped ½ a large ripe avocado 1 teaspoon of lemon juice 1 tablespoon of flaked almonds 1 tablespoon of desiccated

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Choc Cruch Granola

As a recovering cancer patient I decided that it was my right to have chocolate for breakfast, so choc-crunch granola became the order of the day.

High Protein Zucchini Fritters

This simple, quick and easy High Protein Zucchini Fritters recipe is from Jules Galloway’s ‘Shiny Healthy You’ Program.

Super healthy Protein Bar Recipe with Oats & Nuts

This healthy protein bar recipe with oats & nuts is so simple and easy to make, plus they’re a delicious and guilt free snack, perfect for any time of the day.