Natural Therapies

What Should I Expect After A Kinesiology Session?

Here we explore the various symptoms that you may experience after a Kinesiology session.

How To Create Your Own Sacred Cacao Ceremony

If you find yourself in the holistic health circles, you may have started to notice cacao ceremonies emerging as a way for communities to gather and experience healing and connection.

A Guide To Reiki Energy Healing

If you’re a regular here at CASA DE KARMA, chances are you’ve heard about Reiki.

PODCAST: Gut Health Explained (By A Naturopath)

In this podcast with Naturopath Alison Mitchell, we unpack the importance of gut health and what you can do to create a healthy gut.

Review: The Detox Room – Canggu, Bali

Wondering where to detox in Canggu? Get the lowdown on my colonic experience at The Detox Room including the service, location and who I’d recommend it to.

The Best Essential Oils For Meditation

Fragrances have been an important part of rituals and meditation for thousands of years in almost every culture around the world, and the many different scents were believed to elevate users to different states of consciousness and relaxation.

How To Tell If You’re Yin Or Yang (+ 3 Ways To Restore Balance)

Once we understand the Yin and Yang elements and which one we predominately are, we can begin to restore balance. 

How To Muscle Test Yourself – A Kinesiologist Explains

As a Kinesiologist, muscle monitoring is the main tool I use with my clients. It can be used in emotional healing; when choosing supplements; determining food intolerances and immune mismatches, plus more.

Emotional Healing With Essential Oils

Not a day goes by where I don’t use essential oils.

The Connection Between Meridians & Emotions (Plus How To Balance Them)

Learn about the main meridians of the body, which emotions are stored where, signs of blockage for each meridian and tips to release emotion from each meridian.