The Ultimate Yogi’s Guide To Ubud

Discover the best places in Ubud to eat, play, explore, relax and rejuvenate.

Review: Desa Seni – An Eco-Village Resort In Canggu, Bali

Desa Seni is by far one of the most magical places I have ever stayed at.

Review: Seri Resort & Yoga Centre, Gili Meno

Where’s best place to stay on Gili Meno? Keep reading to find out whether Seri Resort & Yoga Centre sounds like the perfect place for you.

The Best (Budget-Friendly) Wellness Retreat

Have you ever considered doing a detox or going on a retreat but failed to do so, because it’s too hard or costs too much?

10 Best Natural Beauty Products

As a Naturopath, clients often ask me about the products I use on my skin.

12 Best Boho Brands To Be Wearing

You want to express your inner hippie dressed in exotic prints, free-flowing maxi’s, head crowns, crystals and mala beads, right? I’ve got you sorted.

How To Avoid The Post Holiday Blues

Have you ever returned from an amazing holiday feeling high on life, only to quickly sink into a state of mind that can only be described as the post holiday blues?

5 minutes with a Scuba Diving, Travel Blogging, Global Gypsy!

Meet Sarah Richard. She doesn’t have a 9-5 job, direct debits or exuberant rent to pay each week Why? She chose to enjoy her daily coffee with a slice of life. She’s been travelling the globe for the last 4 years and sharing her tales at

How to Get The Most Out of Your Yoga Retreat

If you’ve recently fallen in love with yoga (or even if you’ve loved it for awhile now) you might be thinking that it’s time to deepen your practice with a yoga retreat.  I’ve been on two yoga retreats in the last two years and I loved both of them. I highly recommend a yoga retreat for anyone who practices yoga. Not only will it deepen and inspire your yoga practice, it will also make

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7 Spiritual Gifts Of Travel

As well as the obvious physical journeys, prolonged solo travel has led me on an inner journey, teaching me profound truths about myself. These are my top 7 spiritual gifts of travel and my most precious mementos, that I now carry with me every day.