Yoga For Detoxification & Digestion

The thought of actually detoxifying through yoga can sound a little confusing, right? 

Yoga For Insomnia

There have been many studies proving that a regular yoga practice can aid in psychological disorders including insomnia, depression and anxiety. 

Yoga vs Pilates – Which Is Better?

What’s the difference between yoga and pilates and which one is ‘right’ for you, will depend on what you are looking for and what your overall fitness goals are.

Why There’s No Such Thing As A Perfect Yoga Pose

Yoga is about so much more than the pose. Let me share why, through my reflections as a student and teacher of yoga…

Yoga For Runners

A 20 minute sequence of yoga poses for runners, and those wanting to focus on opening up and creating flexibility in the lower body – particularly the hamstrings.  Consisting of medium holds, this class is suitable for your warm up, but particularly for your cool down and recovery. It’s also beginner-friendly, with modified options available for the poses. Note: This video is part of this yoga video series which you may like – particularly the yoga for beginners

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Yoga For Flexibility

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned yogi, the following yoga class is suitable and designed for you to practice daily, to help increase your flexibility.

How To Do Sun Salutation Yoga Poses (Safely + In Alignment)

Sun Salutation A is one of the most common flows we see in a Vinyasa style yoga class.

A Bedtime Yoga Sequence To Help You Sleep

This short series of six restorative yoga poses is designed to relax your body and your mind, preparing you to drift off into a blissful sleep.

6 Best Instagram Accounts To Follow For Fitness Inspiration In 2016

There are so many gorgeous Instgrammers who inspire women to truly nourish their body through fitness and wholesome nutrition. If you’re in need of some fitness inspiration or motivation and thinking of heading to Instagram to get it, here’s our votes of who to follow.

5 Tips For An Effective Yoga Practice At Home

Whether you’re new to yoga or you are a seasoned yogi, you must try a yoga practice at home – it’s sooo worth it! 

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