5 minutes with Carla Simpson, Trailblazer of Authentic Happiness

Is feeling excited about life and waking up each day inspired and happy something you value? If yes, this interview is a must-read!

5 minutes with Stephanie Devine, Founder of Bras Without Wires

Stephanie Devine has swapped her days in recruitment to serve womankind through Bras Without Wires. Find out why they’re better for your health, wallet and the environment.

5 minutes with Peta Shulman, Founder of GoodnessMe Box

In this incredibly inspiring interview, we dive deep into Peta’s journey as she shares her stories and tips for success in entrepreneurialism and wellness. 

5 minutes with Amelia Harvey, Life Coach & Self-Care Guru

If you’re yet come across Amelia in the health and self-care space online, she is a Life Coach who guides women from inner critic to inner peace.

5 minutes with Fiorella Kis-Major, The Nourishing Goddess

In this interview the divine Fiorella Kis-Major shares her personal stories and insights around self-care, meditation, yoga, rituals and creating success on your terms.

5 Minutes With The Sister Duo Who Brought Lunette Menstrual Cups Into The Mainstream

Sister duo Carol Morris and Elizabeth Chapman tell us about their journey growing the Lunette (period cups) brand, and share helpful answers to all the tricky questions like how to insert a menstrual cup.

5 minutes with Dwayne Martens, Founder of Amazonia

Amazonia Founder, Dwayne Martens has proved that anything is possible. With passion and determination, he has gone from living in a tee pee to building a business that’s mission is to help our people and planet shine brighter. Here Dwayne shares his journey, secrets to success and future plans.

5 minutes with Organic Skin Care Range Founder, Therese Kerr

She may have sparked controversy over her ‘Day on a Plate’, published in Sunday Life magazine recently, however Miranda Kerr’s mum Therese, is all about good health. Here she talks to us about her beautiful range of skin care products and reveals what to look out for when choosing skin care, plus tips for starting your own business in the health and wellbeing industry.

5 minutes with Carla Brion, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

Women’s health specialist Carla, has a passion for holistic wellness, balanced lifestyles and boasts a wonderful approach to life.

5 minutes with Sarah Buchanan, Co-Founder of Kula Project

When Sarah traveled to Kenya, she didn’t know that trip was going to change her life. After spending time in developing nations, seeing first hand the link between agriculture and poverty, Sarah co-founded Kula Project, with the goal of eliminating poverty for future generations by equipping one billion small farmers to do it.

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