Health Foodies

5 minutes with Kelly Fielding, Leading Raw Food Chef

In this inspiring interview Kelly Fielding shares her journey to, love of, and tips, for living a raw vegan life.

5 minutes with Maddie Race, Top Health Coach For Mums

Maddie specialises in empowering mums to take control of their pantries and fridges; and inspires the entire family to cook more from scratch, for a healthier, happier life.

Lee Holmes Talks Fasting Your Way To Wellness

After experiencing the benefits of fasting firsthand and wanting to share that opportunity with others, Lee Holmes has just added Fast Your Way To Wellness to her Supercharged Food book series. 

5 minutes with Maz Valcorza, Founder of Sadhana Kitchen, Vegan Chef, Author & Social Entrepreneur

How did your journey to becoming an organic, raw, plant-based foodie begin? And how long have you been living a 100% vegan diet? For me it all started with yoga teacher training. I learnt about the principle of ahimsa which means non-violence and it really resonated with me. I wanted to cause as little harm to myself, the planet and other beings including all the animals. For me, it really

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5 minutes with Pete Evans – Paleo Chef, Author & TV Personality

Pete Evans shares with us his day on a plate, favourite Paleo recipes and recommended resources for those interested in exploring the Paleo way. Plus, discover his favourite place on earth and where to next.

5 minutes with Nutritionist & Health Blogger, Jessica Sepel

Jessica Sepel is following in the footsteps of health bloggers such as Lee Holmes, Lola Berry and Sarah Wilson. She’s on a mission to help you rebuild your relationship with food, your body and mind.

5 minutes with Nutritionist, Food Blogger & 2x Cancer Survivor, Julia Lawson

Thanks to her drool-worthy breakfast posts, Julia has amassed over 8ooo fans on Instagram. She even won a spot on our list of Top 50 Healthy Instagram Accounts Follow! Be inspired by the open, kind-hearted soul behind @jlfitnutrition:

5 minutes with Wholefoods Chef & Author, Lee Holmes

Lee is a certified health coach, wholefoods chef and author of the ‘Supercharged Food’ cook book series which includes the popular Eat Right for Your Shape, Heal Your Gut and Fast Your Way To Wellness.

5 minutes with Practical Nutritionist, Simone Nicholls

Perth-based Simone favours practical approach to food and nutrition. She’s also one of our amazing Casa Authors. Here she talks to us about all things nutrition, with a slice of life.

5 minutes with Healthy Recipes Developer & Nutritionist, Camilla Ryals

Camilla is a Sydney-based Nutritionist and fun-loving foodie. She makes no secret of enjoying way too many treats, sharing great recipes and spending time with the special ones in her life. With a wealth of nutrition-based knowledge under her belt, here she chats with us about all things nutrition and food.

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