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Healthy Coconut & Oat Cookies

If you’ve been finding yourself heading to the biscuit jar at 3pm as of late, you may want to consider making these healthy coconut cookies on standby for your afternoon treat instead… Enjoy! INGREDIENTS 1 cup Organic Oats ½ cup Gluten Free Flour ½ cup Coconut Flour ½ cup Shredded Coconut 125g Organic Butter 4 Tbsp. Agave Syrup 1 tsp Baking Soda 2 Tbsp. Boiling Water You might also like these

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Mood Boosting Broccoli Salad

This mood boosting broccoli salad is the perfect healthy side dish to uplift your mood and nourish your body. It partners well with salmon or chicken to create a delicious meal for the busy week ahead, and comes with the following nutritional benefits: Low fat Gluten free Excellent source of dietary fiber, folate, B12 and vitamin C Overall abundance nutritional compounds to boost mood and energy levels RELATED: How To Boost Your Mood In One Day INGREDIENTS

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Why You Don’t Need To Quit Sugar

As a Nutritionist, it is very important I let you in on a little secret… Not all sugars are bad for you and here’s why:

Watermelon Cake with Coconut Cashew Frosting

I could not wait to make a healthy fresh fruit cake with coconut cream for my daughter’s recent birthday. Needless to say, this Watermelon Cake with Coconut Cashew Frosting recipe was a success and I honestly can not tell the difference between cream and coconut cashew cream. It tasted fresh and amazing and even if you do not have babies, toddlers or small adults – YOU must try this cake.

How To Boost Your Mood In One Day

Having one of those days when you have to drag yourself out of bed or reach for an extra shot of coffee just so you feel somewhat motivated? This is the ultimate mood-boosting strategy with what to eat and do, to boost your mood and elevate endorphins for an active mind and functional body.