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How To De-Stress At Work With Mindfulness

Does your workday feel like an epic grind, leaving you hanging for the weekend or living for your next holiday?

Why I’m Not Going Raw, Vegan or Paleo – A Naturopath Explains

Some years ago, I used to be on a crusade. Fresh out of studying 4 years of nutrition, I was on a mission to find the one perfect diet. You know, the one that miraculously heals all ills, magically dissolves fat and gives you that sparkly glow.

“I think most yoga classes are a waste of time” – a Yoga Teacher explains…

Everyone’s heard of ‘yoga’ these days -there are classes popping up in gyms, schools and recreation centres all over the Western world. Programs have been designed for beginners, fitness fanatics, expectant mothers, babies, stand-up paddle boarders and even dogs! You can buy trendy yoga pants for $150, wear t-shirts emblazoned with quasi-spiritual quotes and try to obtain the elusive “yoga bottom” made fashionable some years ago by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston. You

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The Ultimate Guide to an Ayurvedic Cleanse – The Original Detox!

Discover the basics of Ayurvedic cleansing and how to do an Ayurvedic detox at home.

4 Incredible Benefits of Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is something that I love teaching and even take time out to do myself, regularly. Whether you already love yin or want to know more, here are 4 incredible benefits of yin yoga.

3 Exquisite Breakfast Chia Pudding Recipes

If you’ve ever wished that you could have dessert for breakfast, (without the negative health consequences, of course) your dream is about to come true.

Top 5 Benefits of a Retreat

Given that you most likely only get between 2 and 6 weeks of paid annual leave a year, making good use of this time to relax, recharge and nourish yourself, is key. Sure, cocktails by the pool and late nights out partying can be fun, but those types of holidays can leave you feeling more depleted than before you left. Here are the 5 benefits of a retreat: 1. You’ll relax, completely Health retreats have been

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7 Spiritual Gifts Of Travel

As well as the obvious physical journeys, prolonged solo travel has led me on an inner journey, teaching me profound truths about myself. These are my top 7 spiritual gifts of travel and my most precious mementos, that I now carry with me every day.

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