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How To Steer 2016 In Your Desired Direction

Just as you can choose to remember the good times of 2015 (or the not so good times), you can choose to steer your life in your desired direction (or not) in 2016. The choice is yours. 

How To Get Rid Of Negative Energy Using Crystals

Energy is all around us, some positive and some negative. If you are sensitive or choose to tune in you will be able to feel the difference. Positive energy feels light, buoyant, freeing, happy, uplifting. Negative energy feels heavy, dark, draining, depressive. When you are able to discern the difference, and feel you are around negative energy or you feel the negative energy surrounds you (from within or outside of you), there is something

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How To Spring Into Happiness Even When You Really Don’t Feel It

It can sometimes be easier to put on a smile than to let people know how you really feel on the inside. As someone that’s suffered from depression, I can honestly say that those feelings of inadequacy, loneliness and despair have all gone for good. When I smile now, it’s a genuine smile, from the inside out. 

How Physical Pain Can Be Linked To Emotions

The connection between mind and body is very powerful. So much that our emotional pain can be stored in our body as muscular pain, as the energy the emotion creates needs to be released.

What Is Brain Gym Therapy?

What is Brain Gym? Brain Gym was created by Paul Dennison in the 1970’s. Having grown up with severe learning challenges, Paul found that through ‘movement’ he could overcome these challenges, and hence Brain Gym evolved. The 26 Brain Gym exercises of which Brain Gym consists, have helped thousands of people overcome difficult learning challenges; and improve their academic performance, through increased concentration, awareness, self-expression and confidence. The benefits of Brain gym exercises can be reaped by adults of all ages,

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How Does Kinesiology Work? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

The definition of kinesiology is: the study of the mechanics of body movements. But what does that mean and how does kinesiology work? Here the holistic healing technique is broken down and explained.

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