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Easy Lemon Sorbet

Sorbet is one on my favourite summertime treats. While lemon sorbet cleanses the palate and aids digestion, the humble lemon is also packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It can help to repair the skin, assist to balance the body’s pH levels and act as an appetite suppressant.

Dark Chocolate & Macadamia Fondue

If you’re a fan of dark chocolate macadamia nuts or dark chocolate macadamia cookies, then this fondue will knock your socks off. And, if it’s just an easy dark chocolate fondue recipe that you’re after, then look no further – this is for you too.

How To Pick The Best Chocolate For Your Taste Buds

It’s no secret that I’m a serious chocolate lover. My all-time favourites include Ferrero Rocher, dark chocolate Lindt balls, Guylian sea shells, milk chocolate Toblerone and Cherry Ripe. If you’re reading this, I’m sure most of you will agree, chocolate has to be one of the most indulgent and equally pleasurable foods on the market. Choosing the best chocolate for your health should be chore free and easy, while still enjoying that aromatic, milky

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Chocolate Cherry Ripe Bark – No Bake and No Added Sugar

Want a healthy cherry ripe slice recipe? Forget the traditional Australian cherry ripe chocolate slice, or coconut cherry slice dessert recipes that you enjoyed as a kid. This cherry ripe bark is better – honest.

Super Healthy Protein Bar Recipe with Oats & Nuts

This healthy protein bar recipe with oats & nuts is so simple and easy to make, plus they’re a delicious and guilt free snack, perfect for any time of the day.