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How Pilates During Pregnancy Can Be Good For Your Health

If you’re currently pregnant or are now a Mum, you may know that one of the biggest issues during pregnancy can be pelvic instability, due to the major release of the hormone, relaxin. Relaxin loosens the ligaments in preparation for child birth and increases the amount of movement available in the joint between the tail bone (sacrum) and pelvis, causing the area to be somewhat unstable. Here are the top 5 ways Pilates during

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How to Run Better, Faster and Without Injury

We all have legs so we can all run – right? Not quite. Running technique can be honed, and doesn’t always come naturally. Poor running technique can mean, preventable injuries, which could mean your running career may be over before it begins!

3 Health Living Tips For Busy Women

In today’s society, it can be tricky to achieve a balanced lifestyle. Between the commitments at work and home on a daily basis, there never seems to be enough hours in the day, making it extremely difficult to find the time to exercise and sustain a healthy regime.