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If you’re a passionate holistic health expert, then we’d love to hear from you….

Though before contacting us, we’d appreciate you read through the following first. This will allow you to familiarise yourself with the requirements and what information to include in your application email. *Due to high demand, if in your application email you’re unable to provide the 6 elements noted in ‘The Process’ section and confirm that you’ve read (and agree to) the requirements outlined below, you will not receive a reply.

Why contribute?

    1. Inspire others and contribute to creating a better world where people are inspired to be well and follow their passions. Be a part of a beautiful community that stands for creating and living your dreams and a wholesome life.
    2. Increase awareness of your brand/personal profile as your expertise and experiences are shared amongst the community on the site and through social media.We’ll promote your content amongst our community via our social media channels and e-newsletter to ensure the widest reach!
    3. Reach a new audience and engage with and attracting new fans. The CASA DE KARMA community and fans are a collective, passionate about all things to live a wholesome and holistic life, so here, you know you’re reaching a niche targeted group!
    4. Work with excellent content creators – with strong expertise in digital media/publishing. We will optimise your content to ensure it’s well suited to the audience and will be well-received. We’ll work on titles, copy and imagery to ensure that together what we publish is top tier and drives your credibility and is inspiration for the community.

Guidelines and requirements:

By contributing to CASA DE KARMA, you agree to the following:

  • The Content:
    • Word count – there is no minimum or maximum – As long as what you’re writing inspires and informs the community it gets the tick of approval! For guidance, popular content is usually between 250 – 1000 words
    • Images – If you have your own images (that you’d like us to use), please attached these, plus a high res jpeg author profile photo, with your submission. We’ll source imagery if you don’t have your own.
    • Format: Videos, galleries, pictorials, series and list-style content are all welcome. Content must be submitted in word document format, with images in high res jpeg format as a separate attachments.
    • Themes: Content should be related to holistic health and wholesome living (think yoga, meditation, healthy recipes and nutrition, natural and alternative therapies and health practices). We’re happy to help you develop a theme for your content, just get in touch!
    • Quantity: Due to high demand, at current we are accepting contributions from those willing to contribute a minimum of 3 pieces of content. This is also of benefit to you as it allows you to increase the exposure of your profile to our tribe, and allow them to connect to your expertise for longer (as we’ll link your content to each other).
    • Expertise: Contributors must be an expert and/or qualified in their field and possess excellent writing skills. To be considered, in your application email, please ensure to outline your qualifications and experience, along with links to your social media pages and other content you’ve written.
    • Originality: By submitting content (all forms including written, photos etc) to CASA DE KARMA you agree that all submitted content (written, images and video) is unique, true and your own.
    • Rights: By submitting content to CASA DE KARMA you agree to give full rights to this content to CASA DE KARMA and that you will not disseminate or publish it elsewhere.
    • Editing: Note that all content is subbed and edited by the CASA DE KARMA team prior to publishing, and editorial changes may be made at the team’s discretion to ensure content is of the highest quality, so not to compromise our values and the purpose of the site.

By contributing to CASA DE KARMA you agree that should these guidelines and requirements not be fully met, content may be not be published, or be removed from the site.

The Process:

  1. Email contact(at)casadekarma.com.au outlining the following (please note that due to high demand, if you’re unable to provide these 6 elements in your initial email, you may not receive a reply):
    • Your area of expertise including qualifications and experience
    • Link to your website
    • Links to content you’ve created
    • Links to your social pages
    • Content ideas you’d like to produce for CDK
    • Confirmation that you’ve read through this page and agree to the guidelines and requirements
  2. We will respond within 14 days to share any feedback, ask any questions and agree on content topics and deadlines.
  3. Create your content, and carefully review it before submitting
  4. Submit your content (in the formats specified above, along with your bio and professional head shot)
  5. As a guide, subbing, editing and publishing of content takes 1-4 weeks
  6. Once content is published we’ll email you with the link and promote it to our tribe (within 4 weeks of publishing).

Want to write for us? Get in touch now. Email: contact(at)casadekarma .com.au

6 Writing Tips:

    1. Know your purpose. What are you trying to accomplish from your article? What key take aways do you want the reader to walk away with and why? Keep this in mind to stay on track.
    2. Know who you’re writing to. The CASA DE KARMA tribe is 97% females, who are predominantly between the ages of 25 and 45. They are an intelligent bunch and seek out and consume vast amounts of well written, credible, inspiring and informative content. Their health and wellbeing is a key priority in their life, so this is your opportunity to empower them to truly be the best version of themselves. Topics related to yoga, mediation and healthy eating are highly popular topics of interest to our tribe.
    3. Be useful – How are you bettering the tribe member’s life? Be entertaining, concise, to the point and most importantly; inspiring or informative (if it doesn’t, it may not be published).
    4. Provide a sense of urgency and/or intrigue in your headline. Does your headline trigger an action or strike an emotional chord?
    5. Speak to the benefit of the article (or the ‘why’, versus the ‘what’), especially in your headline and introduction paragraph, and make it sound unique.
    6. Be personal - people connect with real people, who have real stories. If relevant, being vulnerable in your approach can make for  truly inspiring, if not empowering content. This may translate into “Why I…”, or “How I…”.
    7. Embrace the list! Readers love to know the ‘best of’, Top 10 (or any number), “10 reasons why”, “10 ways to…” etc

Positions Vacant: Personal Trainer, Psychologist, Spiritual Healer or Astrologist? Apply to become a resident Casa Author.

Resident Casa Authors regularly contribute to the community (at least once a month) whilst increasing their profile amongst a health-passionate tribe. As a Casa Author, you have the option to be the exclusive contributor in your field of expertise and receive additional support such as promotion of your own products and services; plus the opportunity to participate in projects. To apply, please send us an email with all your details (as if you were to contribute), topics you’d live to write about and how often you’d like to submit content.