About Us

CASA DE KARMA is the home of Australia’s holistic health collective: A virtual oasis, where health experts empower you on your wellbeing journey. Together as holistic health experts and seekers, we are collective. We’re passionate about all things nutrition, yoga and fitness, meditation, naturopathy, Chinese medicine, kinesiology, self-love, traditional and alternative spiritual, healing and cleansing practices, natural skincare, relationships, women’s health and more.

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Our Mission

To be the go-to space where females can connect, inspire and empower each other to live their most wholesome, happy and healthy life.

Our Values

We work with integrity and compassion.

We apply and promote courage, fun, creativity, freedom, happiness, health and knowledge.

What’s the story behind the name? 

CASA DE: “Casa de” is a Spanish/Italian translation of “house of”. Our aim is for this to be your second (or virtual) home. An oasis where you can retreat to feel uplifted and inspired. With access to the health experts and the opportunity to connect with others just like you, being part of this collective makes CASA DE KARMA a place for you to belong.

KARMA: “Karma” simply means ’cause and effect’. If visiting CASA DE KARMA and being a part of this collective is ‘sewing the seeds’ (by absorbing informative, mindful and meaningful content and being inspired by others), the reward (we hope) you’ll reap’ is empowerment to live your most wholesome, healthy and happy life yet.

Our People

We are a collective of holistic health experts and everyday people alike, joining forces to inspire each other – including you – to live a life that’s kind to our bodies, minds and souls. Help spread the love in a community-led and organic way by contributing, chatting, signing up and inviting others to be a part of the holistic health collective.

Meet the core team:

meet the casadekarma.com.au team

meet the casadekarma.com.au team

Find out more about all of our contributors  – there’s over 50 of them and this number grows every month. Just click on the author profile, which you’ll find at the bottom of each article to go through to their full profile and list of content they’ve produced. There’s also a collection of their profiles in the right-side bar on desktop, or at the bottom of the page on mobile.

Our Content

You’ll find a mix of carefully curated, top-tier stories on yoga, meditation, naturopathy, natural therapies, nutrition, recipes and much more.

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