10 Best Natural Beauty Products

As a Naturopath, clients often ask me about the products I use on my skin, and many are shocked when they realise just how many chemicals they are putting onto their skin every day.

Here are my top ten go-to natural beauty products that you might like to try or incorporate into your routine.

This is not a sponsored blog post. None of these companies have supplied free samples or asked me to post about them, this is what I genuinely use on my own skin and because of that I am happy to recommend you use them on yours.

My Favourite Natural Beauty Products:

1. Body Wash: Moo Goo Milk Wash
It smells coco nutty, lathers well and is free of chemical nasties. I also use this as my face wash to remove any makeup at the end of the day.

2. Toothpaste: Grants herbal and mineral Mint flavoured tooth paste
Some natural tooth pastes take a bit of getting used to, this one I’ve found the best.

3. Sunscreen: Wot Not Sunscreen
It’s thicker than others and can leave your skin shiny, which I actually like, but I know some don’t like to shine!

4. Deodorant: Moo Goo Aluminium free
I use this every day and so far I’ve never had anyone suggest I don’t smell good!

5. Face wipes: Wot Not Baby Wipes
Yes they are designed for baby’s bums. Wot Not does also have a range of facial wipes but these are cheaper than the face wipes, come in a larger packet and don’t contain any perfumes or moisturisers.

6. Day time Facial moisturiser: Sukin facial moisturiser
I love it because it’s light and not oily. But it really is perfect for all skin types.

7. Night time Facial moisturiser: Sukin Rose Hip oil
I love the Sukin’s Rose Hip Oil. You can also wear it under make up but you need to wait a while before applying your foundation and allow the oil to be absorbed.

8. Tan: Eco Tan Invisible Tan
This gives a beautiful natural colour and doesn’t have that ‘fake tan smell’ we are all so familiar with. I have also had a spay tan using the EcoTan liquid and loved it.

9. Lip Balm: Hurraw! Black Cherry Tinted Lip Balm
I just LOVE the black cherry tinted lip balm. It smells divine and gives your lips a light cherry tint, perfect for everyday wear.

10. Nail Polish: Butter London
These guys believe in high fashion without the health compromise, so you won’t find any nasties here. I also have a lip gloss by Butter London and LOVE it.

TIP: There are many natural beauty product brands in the market whether that be online, in shops or at local markets.  Before making your purchase decision, do a Google search for natural beauty products reviews and see what others are saying about the products first.

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Which natural and clean beauty products do you use?

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“10 Best Natural Beauty Products”
  • l must admit l am a total skin care freak, l always google new products and get into forums as it makes the choice so much easier . Also by doing this you get an idea of how much you should pay :)

  • Love hearing about healthy options – so much greenwashing, you really have to research to work out what’s good for you. I use World Organic and absolutely love it. Have not regretted the switch to organic skincare and make-up for one second!

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